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Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven

Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven

by Susan Fanetti

  • ISBN 9781386513728
  • English
  • 572 Pages
  • 155708 Words

Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven

by Susan Fanetti

England, 1910. Lady Nora Tate is a young woman caught between the expectations of her station and the demands of her own heart and mind. The noble world of her birth is a luxurious cage, locking her away from all she wishes to know and feel and do, the woman she wishes to be. All around her, the world is changing, and she fights to join it, even as she creates scandal with her every attempt to break free. William Frazier is the scion of an American railroad tycoon, in England to seek new business opportunities for his family’s empire and visit his good friend, Lord Christopher Tate. With Chris as his guide, he tours the London Season, and meets his friend’s younger sister. He’s captivated at once by the lovely young lady with the sharp wit and searching eyes. Raised by visionary parents, William sees Nora’s cage for what it is and admires her striving against constraint. But her world will neither free her, nor accept him. William would be her hero and save her, but Nora wants to save herself, if she can. Set against the tumultuous cultural and political backdrop of the end of the Edwardian Era, on two continents and across an ocean, Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven is a story about the deep love between a young woman finding her voice, and the man strong enough to stand at her side as she demands the right to use it. This novel is a standalone.

Review & Comments

  • Charlene V

    This book made me think like no other has in quite some time. We tend to take our equality for granted and forget about those who fought so hard to get it. This is the story of one such woman. Nora may be a fictional character but many of the events are real. What happens to her in this fictional account actually did happen to many women of her time. Fanetti as always has done her research. This is truly an epic novel that will make you outraged and heartbroken before leaving you very satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

    January 18, 2018
  • SamSam

    I don't normally read historical romance. This book is beyond amazing. It is a historical romance story, set into the background story of the women's suffrage movement in England and the U.S. and all the horrific treatment that women in England received during that time, including being jailed. It's amazing how something set so long ago can mirror the feelings and fights for equality and justice in today's world. Everyone needs to read this book. You need to read this book! Highly recommend, might be Fanetti's best work yet.

    March 12, 2018

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