Banner of 7 robot sculptures

30 Robots in 30 Days!


The 30 days of my 30 Days of Robots challenge are up! 30 robot sculptures have been hand-crafted from recycled electronics, each in the space of one day. Read about my trials, my tribulations and what I learned here.




Gateaux The Robot

Checkout day 8 of my 30 Days of Robots challenge with the USB-powered, hanging robot, Gateaux.

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30 Days of Robots: The Journey

This is Blob; the culmination of all of my issues. Blob turned me completely giddy for the day and then fatigued emotional vegetable for the rest of the week. He asked the questions of, what are all the constraints of other robots skewering their way into my work? What ideas of ‘right’ are they forcing me into? How can I fly in the face of those ideas?

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Sinclair ZX82 Spectrum containing a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Spectrum

Got a dusty old ZX82 in need of some new life? Get it back in the game with this complete build featuring a Raspberry Pi with working original keyboard. It’s Easy – take a look!

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What’s New

The Doctor’s TARDIS bottle

To mark the beginning of a new season of Doctor Who, here’s my robot Doctor in his 4cm tall TARDIS! Have a look at my latest form the Robot in a Bottle series.

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DIY battery-powered PSU for travel electronics

PSU Portable

You too can build a battery-powered bench-top PSU for electronics on-the-go, or just as a super-convenient power supply for your home electronics projects.

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Coming soon!


Robot in a Jar: 1,2,3

Robot in a Bottle

The 30 Days of Robots challenge is now complete. My new challenge is to build a new series of robot sculptures, each inside it’s own bottle.

Robots made from drink cans going down red carpet

Drinks Can Modular Robot

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to attempt to build robots with interchangeable modular parts using drinks cans as my form factor!